Glam Closet: Personal style

written by Jessica Farkas

Believe it or not but style and the perfect closet doesn’t happen overnight. It has taken me years to develop a style that is unique, fits my personality, and something I don’t get tired of. With all fashionof the changing trends and “what’s in” and “what’s out” how are you supposed to keep up with fashion? It’s ok though. Fashion shouldn’t be about having everything that’s “in” in your closet. Fashion should be about expressing yourself outwardly, dressing to make a statement, and telling the world who you are by your own personal style.

Be yourself find what you want to say and say it. Don’t be afraid to be unique and different. I love bright colors, patterns and details. Even though it might not be what everyone else is wearing it’s something that I love. Dress for you and not how everyone else wants you to dress.

cupcakeheelsI want my style to stay that I’m fun, outgoing, classy and sweet. I have at least 3 pairs of shoes with cupcakes on them and strait dresses are my absolute favorite thing to wear. Whatever you want your style to say, say it proud.

You can build your closet slowly but surely, just start somewhere. With me I found what I was most comfortable in and then built on it from there. I love being in skirts or dresses and now my closet is full of them. I have built my closet for my needs and my personality. As a matter a fact I actually built my closet. When I moved into my house I realized there was no way I was going to fit all my clothes in the closet that was there, so I built one. I found an old door at an antique shop, screwed one side into the wall and attached a pole to the door and the other side of the wall. I then had tons of closet space and my style could flourish some more.

Find what works for you and you can slowly start buying a complete wardrobe with your own story.

“O no she didn’t tip of the week!”: Don’t dress for boys, dress for yourself. I’m guilty of it to. boysSometimes I’ll wake up and think “Would my crush like this outfit?” Who cares!! I want him to like me for me, style and all.   

XOXO- The Glam Closet

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