Glam Closet: To accessorize or not … THAT is the question!

written by Jessica Farkas

To accessorize or not that is the question! And yes is usually the answer. Having the option to accessorize is part of what makes getting dressed so much fun. Accessorizes are what add the smileextra “pop” to any outfit.

If your ears are pierced make use of it. Cute studs like diamonds or pearls will go with any outfit you put on and be just enough to add a little something to it. Bracelets always add something nice to your look as well. A charm bracelet, diamond, or even bangles are a great way to add special flare. Then there are necklaces which are a trick on their own.

There are those huge chunky necklaces: Wear these with a plan tee or blouse. This will add something great and actually make the outfit.

Small chained and charmed necklaces: These can be really worn with any outfit. In fact I wear a small chain with a very small “J” on it every day, I never take it off, even if I accessorize with another necklace. Don’t be afraid to wear that sweet little necklace you boyfriend or in my case my sweet daddy bought with any outfit. 

Long chains: These look great with looks like tees, blazers or strait dresses. Don’t be afraid to get creative with them either. You can wrap them around your neck twice or even wrap them around your wrist like a bracelet.

There are also head accessories but be careful that they are age appropriate. You can really only wear bows up until a certain age. Head bands can be matched with an outfit if the colors or patterns match.

If your clothing already has a lot of embellishment be limited on how much accessorizing that you do. There is a thing as over accessorizing. Keep it simple, less is more. If your outfit already has it keep it to a simple bracelet, little necklace and some studded earrings.

Hand bags and shoes can also be great accessory!

“O no she didn’t tip of the week!”: The event that you are dressing for can also dictate what kind of accessorizing you want to do. As in you wouldn’t want to wear a bunch of jewelry to the beach, or wear the same jewelry you would to a wedding to a rock concert. Feel all free to wear you crazy all out jewelry to the concert but keep it simple at the wedding. This can go for any social, work or academic event, just keep in mind what message you want to send.

XOXO- The Glam Closet

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