The Benefits of Meditating

By: Sophia Romero

As college students, life can get overwhelming and stressful. With midterms coming up next week it can be difficult to find time to de-stress and take time for yourself. For those who are having a hard time finding peace in your hectic day, meditating may be the solution for you.

Between extracurricular activities, school, work, and homework—there seems to be no room in my schedule for time to myself. As an avid blog reader, I looked for inspiration on how to make time for yourself throughout the day. What I found was adopting mediation practices in my daily routine.

I downloaded the app “Head Space,” which teaches you about meditation, talks you through your meditation, and gives you a ten day challenge. The app is easy to navigate, and best of all it is free!

So, what is meditation? Meditation is where one focuses their energy on a single focal point–such as the breath, bodily sensations, or a mantra. By focusing on one main point, all your energy is fixated and you are in the present. For an over thinker such as myself, this practice has helped me be present, helped with unnecessary thoughts, and helped take a moment out of my hectic day for myself.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and need something new to add to your everyday routine, meditating may be the new practice for you.

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