Gifts That Give Back

By: Kendall Schneider

It may only be November, but it is never too soon to start Christmas shopping, or at least looking. There is nothing more difficult in the holiday season than trying to find the perfect gifts for your favorite people. You don’t want to waste money, and you want it to be something that the person will love and actually use. Below are five great gift ideas, each from a company that gives a portion of the profits to a good cause. You will make your friends and family happy and support something worthwhile at the same time!

1. Products by MiiR– MiiR sells a wide variety of items including things like water bottles, thermoses, bicycles, and totes. Each item supports a different cause. For example, when you buy a water bottle it gives a portion of the profit to help clean water projects in East Asia and Africa. 

2. A winter Hat by Krochet Kids– Krochet Kids is a nonprofit organization that sells warm winter hats created by women in impoverished areas. They currently are working with women in Peru and Uganda. The women that make the hats are provided with a steady income, which in most cases, allows their children to attend school. Krochet Kids empowers women and families and allows them to live a prosperous life. 

3. Ivory Ella– Ivory Ella is a company that supports elephants that have been considered endangered in the past. They donate ten percent of every purchase to Save the Elephants, an organization that uses donated money to strengthen anti-poaching forces and help protect the population of elephants in Kenya and surrounding areas. 

4. St. Jude– St. Jude has an online gift shop that includes a large variety of items from active wear, toys, candles, and stationary. Anything from their gift shop would make a great gift, and the purchase supports childhood cancer research. 

5. World Vision– Through World Vision you can give great resources to people who desperately need them. Do you have somebody who never seems to want or need anything? Donate a gift in their name. They will receive a personalized card with details of the gift that you donated to someone living in poverty. You can purchase things such as mosquito nets, solar lanterns, and even education or job training. 

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