By: Kendall Schneider

Winter has always been my favorite season. I love everything about it. I love the first sparkly frost that covers the ground and wearing thick socks and scarves. I love real snowflakes and the kind that leave tiny white triangles all over the carpet. I love looking out the living room window and watching the snow fall all night. I love the crackling sound that comes from the fireplace on cold evenings and how it warms my nose and cheeks. I love how bright white figure skates make me feel graceful as I glide across the ice at the outdoor rink.  I love hunting for evergreen Christmas trees and the sound that the snow makes under my boots. I love the echo of carolers coming down the street. I love hot chicken noodle soup on cold nights and mugs full of tea that warm my fingertips on chilly mornings. I love the warmth and the taste of hot chocolate as we drive around the neighborhood to look at glowing Christmas lights. Most of all, I love the slow days spent with family and friends, sharing stories, laughter and life. I always feel a bit more hopeful when I notice that first chill in the air, and even though it is the coldest season, it is the season where my heart is the warmest.

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