Blackwater Draw Black and White

Press Release

Blackwater Draw National Historic Landmark, the archaeological site located six miles
northwest of Portales, was first discovered in 1929. Excavations since 1932 have found
projectile points and other stone tools as well as the remains of mammoth, bison, dire
wolf, camel, saber-tooth cat, and ground sloth. Blackwater Draw is the type site of the
Paleoindian Clovis culture, the earliest accepted culture in North America, and the
unique style of projectile point found there is known as a Clovis point.

The Blackwater Draw Black & White exhibit is a collaborative project between the
ENMU Department of Art and Department of Anthropology and Applied Archaeology. It
includes more than 50 historical black-and-white photographs from throughout the 85
years of archaeological excavations at the site. The exhibit is free and open to the
public in the Runnels Gallery in Golden Library, temporarily located in Bernalillo Hall. A
closing reception will be held Friday, January 26 from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. Additional
photos can be seen in the online component of the exhibit at
and at the Blackwater Draw Museum in Lea Hall on the ENMU campus.

For more information about the exhibit, contact the Art Department at 575.562.2778 or


‘Susan Riches excavates a projectile point tip with a bison bone at the Blackwater Draw archaeological site in 1964.’ Photo from the Blackwater Draw Photo Archives.


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