Date Ideas for College Students

By: Jena Slater

Have you really wanted to go on a quality date but you cannot afford a five-star restaurant? I have a few date ideas for you. Both date ideas require spending money and time. Sometimes a simple date night is all a girl needs after a long day of classes. I am going to focus on giving insight on how to add your personal touch to date ideas.

I have customized these date ideas to reflect my personal lifestyle which is simple with a hint of country, to give you a few examples.

When in doubt take your date on a picnic. The nice thing about picnics are they can become as simple or fancy as your heart desires. This can also be a very simple date where you do not have to spend big bucks to impress your date. A few things to thing about when planning for a picnic are: weather, time of day, perfect location, food, and drinks.

Checking the weather in case the location needs to be moved indoors. You may not want to get soaked if it’s raining or get blown away if it is windy. If you two have been dating for a while or get lost in the moment and feel a spark, then a romantic kiss in the rain may not hurt.

Finding and ideal location is equally important. My recommendations are going to a local park or college campus for a picnic. A few other things to think about when choosing your perfect location for your picnic are: green grass, trees, fountains, benches and tables. Any of these features can make for a romantic picnic.

Picnics can be simple as seen in the movies but they can also be modernized too. When I think of a traditional picnic I envision someone bringing a blanket to lay on the ground along with something to eat and drink while we hang out.

They are convenient since they can take place at any time. Early mornings are great if you both like to get up early and watch the sunrise. Late morning through midafternoons are wonderful if you prefer a midday picnic. Evenings are especially nice if you enjoy watching the sunset and looking at the stars. Picnics with food, drinks, and a blanket to sit on while watching the sunset can be the perfect way to end your evening. They are also good dates for girls who prefer the simpler things in life.

Food and drinks are an essential part of a picnic. You can ask what their favorite kind of lunch meat or jelly they prefer and make sandwiches to go along with their favorite soda. You can buy lunchmeat or peanut butter and jelly and make sandwiches yourself. Then, carefully place them in a cooler or backpack paying careful attention to making sure the bread does not get smashed. Also, taking into consideration how long it will be before it is time to eat so you can store them properly. An additional option is going to a local sandwich shop or Subway and ordering your favorite sandwiches. Additionally, you can invite your date to grab sandwiches with you and order them to go.

You can pull this off by telling asking your date to go on a picnic with you. Or you can ask them on a spontaneous date but keep the location a surprise so their anticipation builds up. Finally, you can either began your date immediately with a picnic or you might take a romantic walk to lead into your picnic. Once you have found the perfect spot, start unpacking your blanket and lay it on the ground to give you a place to sit down. Then unpack your food and drinks and enjoy your date.

My second suggestion is a customized movie night which I chose to experiment with. I gave this stay at home date night a modern and romantic twist. My date was having a particularly rough day since nothing was going as he anticipated. Especially when he was trying to glue his car made of construction gingerbread with frosting but it kept falling apart. After getting out of class and checking the date and time he ask me if I would like to have a movie night after he got out of his last class. I agreed.

From previously hanging out some outside of class, I knew what his favorite pizza toppings are. Recently I heard about flameless, battery operated, candles and already wanted to get some for where I live. I decided a movie night with pizza and a few flameless candles would be the perfect date night. I let my date pick the movie since I figured it would help cheer him up. I went to Dollar General and purchased a package of battery operated remote control candles since I felt they would add a relaxing element to this movie night.

I ordered a Domino’s pizza with his and hers toppings. Then, he texted me saying he was about to go and drop off his stuff before heading over. After looking around my residence I found enough batteries for two candles. I texted him to see if he might have any spare batteries. He offered to pick some up on his way over. I set two mason jars out and the pizza showed up.

Next, my date showed up and I ask him if he could take the batteries out of an extra control. He called me and I came to get the batteries and put them in the remaining candles then used the remote and turned all the candles on. I walked over to where he was waiting patiently and flipped off the over powering overhead light.

Finally, we walked into my living room where there was a flameless candle light pizza dinner with mason jars, we drank Dr. Pepper from, while watching the movie he brought. His expression when he saw how I gave a movie night a modern and romantic twist was priceless. Realizing I successfully pulled off the perfect date night and instantly turned his day around made this date night perfect. Seeing his surprised face made it all worth it in the end.

Here is a short tidbit about me for anyone who may not know me:

I was born in Texas and after I was a year old we moved to New Mexico. Then, we moved to another part of New Mexico after several years. I have lived on a ranch for approximately 19-years of my life aside from when I am attending Eastern New Mexico University(ENMU) where I study Communications with an emphasis in Journalism. Many of my dating ideas reflect my country background.


Valentine’s Day on a Budget

By: Sharna Johnson

Valentine’s Day can come with a big price tag and no shortage of pressure, especially for students on a tight budget, but celebrating the day of love doesn’t have to put you in the red financially. 

This year, Americans are expected to spend less on Valentine’s Day than they have for the last two years, with total spending dropping to $18.2 billion, according to data from the National Retail Federation, a trade association that closely monitors consumer trends. 

Of those that will be buying gifts this year, people are expected to spend the most, about $85, on their significant other or spouse, around $26 on family members, and about $4 to $6 on friends or coworkers, the NRF reports. 

For many, no matter how badly they’d like to shower their loved ones or romantic interest with gifts and great entertainment, the money is either impossible to come by or near impossible to justify. 

It may be a relief to know that historically, Valentine’s Day wasn’t a particularly expensive holiday and has, from the start, been centered on expressions of affection, primarily in the form of notes. 

There is some uncertainty about what actually brought about the Valentine’s Day holiday – some think it’s tied to Lupercalia, a Roman fertility festival, others point toward the legend of the third century Roman priest Valentine who married couples in secret against the orders of the emperor, or there’s another theory the holiday coincides with the start of mating season for birds. 

It wasn’t until the Middle Ages, however, that the tradition of exchanging sentimental greetings between romantic interests came about and from that point until the mid-1800’s, the holiday was all about words.  

Inexpensive but heartfelt, Valentine’s Day wasn’t about giving gifts, but about taking a risk and sharing one’s feelings with the object of their affections. 

Times have, however, changed, and regardless of the holiday’s history, meeting modern expectations on the day of love can add pressure to an already awkward scenario, especially if one is strapped for cash.  

If you find yourself short on funds but desperate to make sure your amour knows how you feel, here are a couple of low-cost or free options for pulling off an impressive Valentine’s Day without exposing your pocket fuzz: 

  • For the crush – You’ve been watching from afar and have daydreams of surprising the object of your affections with dozens of red roses, a string quartet and candlelit dinner. Truth is, it’s way to early to go full tilt. If you feel you must do something, less is more. Hand deliver a simple “Happy Valentine’s Day” note or try just having a conversation. If you hit it off, there will be other Valentine’s Days for you to wax eternal.  
  • The new relationship – You want to be romantic but it’s too early for serious gifts. Try an experience instead. The NRF reports that 40 percent of people would prefer an experience to a gift – good news since you’re still getting acquainted and building memories. Take a trip to the zoo, even if it’s cold or rainy. Bundle up and pack an umbrella, after all, what could be more romantic than snuggling under the same umbrella while you walk and check out the animals. Memories can be made for $4 each, a little extra for drinks and change to feed the ducks.   
  • The long-term relationship – If your relationship has any semblance of communication, your partner already has a sense of your money situation. Lucky for you, it really is the thought that counts, especially after being together a while. Drop all other plans, get some affordable theater-style snacks – popcorn, gummy candies, chocolate malt balls, some sodas too – get Netflix ready on your laptop and have movie night together. If you don’t have a subscription to a movie service, that’s no excuse, if you have to, find one with a free trial offering and cancel later. Rom-coms, sappy dramas, old black & whites, animated classics or scary movies that make you squeeze close are great places to start.  

Some other Valentine’s Day ideas for friends or couples rich in love but short on dollars: 

  • A kind gesture such as carrying a friend’s books, bringing your roommate coffee in the morning or sharing your ramen stash and eating together are simple ways to make the day feel a little more special. 
  • Let it snow! If Eastern is lucky enough to get some snow as predicted, get a box of instant cocoa, a package of disposable cups, a jug or thermos of hot water and call your significant other or friends outside for a Valentine’s snowman contest or snowball fight. Finish by writing Valentine’s notes in the snow, pour the hot chocolate and enjoy while admiring your handiwork. 
  • Write some personal and thoughtful notes on colorful or decorated paper to keep the tradition alive and let people know you thought of them. 
  • Remember Valentine’s Day can be a tough one for some, so if you do nothing else, smile more, say hello at every opportunity, sit with someone eating alone at lunch or strike up a conversation with someone you sit next to in class – you might just be bright spot they need today. 

Help Make this Couple’s Dream Wedding a Reality

By: Rae Arnett

Eric Estep, an ENMU Alumnus and Senior Firefighter, and Jessica Smith, a high school math teacher, are a recently engaged couple and are in a competition to win the wedding of their dreams. Their first date was in 2014, after meeting while coaching at NC A&T.

“Jessica came across the ‘People I Should Know’ section of my Facebook. If you can fall in love with a picture, I did,” said Estep.

Their paths had almost crossed multiple times, so close that they shared a favorite restaurant, our very own Something Different Grill. Smith discovered her love of SDG when she coached for Texas A&M University – Kingsville.

It took six months for Estep to plan the proposal. He worked with the principal at Northwest High School, where Smith teaches math, and with some of her students to work out his plan.

“The fire drill was real, but the key administrators were clued in on the surprise. I needed 7 students to help with the signs and music. I chose one of her trusted students and clued her in three days before the big day. We met at the school and rehearsed everybody’s positions and assignments. She was thrilled to be included and offered to make the signs. Another student was assigned to share the event live on Facebook, so that her mother, our closest friends, and our families who are spread out across the country could be part of our special moment,” said Estep.


Click the link to see how Eric’s proposal played out! THE Proposal

The contest Estep and Smith entered is called the Bella Collina Experience. The Bella Collina Mansion in Stokesdale, NC is beautiful and seems perfectly designed to host elegant weddings. When asked why they entered the contest, Estep said it was all for Jessica.

“I believe every woman deserves her dream wedding. Jessica is no different. When writing my
letter to her mother to ask her hand in marriage, I explained several of the traits I have fallen in love with about her. “She is respectful, thoughtful, kind, selfless, nurturing, and most importantly, honest…she encompasses the true definition of a good person. I want her to have a wedding that exemplifies our love and commitment to each other. Unfortunately, our families’ financial situations do not allow them to provide the sometimes-traditional financial backing for even a simple wedding, let alone a beautiful Bella Collina wedding and as a firefighter and teacher, though both rewarding careers in many areas, financially rewarding it is not,” said Estep.

Voting opens today, February 7th and goes until February 13th. You can vote an UNLIMITED amount of times! Please visit www.bellacollinaexperience.com​.

Lets get behind our fellow Greyhound and help make he and his fiance’s dreams come true!


Learning How to Win Again

By: Samantha Smith 

“You have no choices about how you lose, but you do have a choice about how you come back and prepare to win again.” –Pat Riley

First thing first, my name is Samantha Smith, I am from Rimbey, Alberta, Canada, and I am here at ENMU on a rodeo-scholarship. Both my freshman and sophomore years I was lucky enough to have success in the rodeo arena at college rodeos and other events. However, with some success I also found my fair share of failure.

Over the winter break, I was fortunate enough to acquire a new barrel racing horse. After a not-so-great 2016 it was time to switch something up, and that meant getting a new horse.

Growing up, I always had fast horses and I rarely struggled to succeed in the rodeo arena. Once I hit high school, I got my hands on “the fastest horse alive,” as I called him, and I quickly trained him to compete. He was good enough to win all through high school. My freshman year of college I was lucky enough to make the short round at the first college rodeo I ever entered, something some people never achieve. I then went on to win the Snyder, TX college rodeo the following spring, and compete in several more short rounds my sophomore year.

This year, things changed a lot for me inside the arena. My good “fast” horse, Max, came across some health problems, first mentally and then physically after he ran through a barbed wire fence. I was struggling to win and losing all confidence in myself as a competitor.

In high school, people were always quick to judge when I failed, and I let that impact me when I should’ve been ignoring the negativity and thriving off of all the positivity in my life. People expected me to fail, and then they expected my parents to go buy me a new, expensive horse, rather than making me fix my own problems. This time, I was absolutely set on fixing my own problems and proving myself to all of those who said I couldn’t. Well… If I learnt anything, it was that sometimes you can’t fix everything on your own.

On January 29th, I competed at my first rodeo since October ’16 and rode my new horse, Deana, at our first rodeo together in San Angelo, TX. Out of the 240 girls entered, we ended up tied for 58th in the go-round, which means we will get to make another run in the progressive performances, which start Feb. 11th.

Deana in her stall at San Angelo.

Learning to win again after losing for so long is possibly one of the hardest things to do in any sport. After today, I am starting to regain my drive and passion for this sport I love and I am feeling my confidence shoot back up to where it should be. Even after placing well among a group of very competitive and talented barrel racers, I still found myself picking my video apart after my run. In fact, not even an hour ago, my mom posted my video on Facebook because she was proud of me, and I texted her asking for her to not post my videos without permission next time. Not because I wasn’t proud of myself and how I did today, but because I, “Didn’t like the way my head tilted around my second barrel.” Obviously I am still working on not being so hard on myself, but my priority at the moment is getting my mom to quit giving me the silent treatment now that I have made her mad because all she was trying to do was brag on her daughter… sorry Momma Nic!

Did I win the rodeo today? No.

Did I do everything perfectly? No.

Am I happy? Somewhat.

Am I working on being better? Yes.




By: Samantha Smith

Now that the college rodeos are over for the semester, what does a college rodeo athlete do? After three years of attending ENMU as a rodeo contestant I am still trying to figure this out.

Before the college rodeo season, time at school is spent getting ahead in schoolwork, saving money to travel between rodeos, getting horses in top physical condition and mentally preparing for the season to come.

When the college rodeos begin, life becomes chaotic for many. Professors become irritated, students do what they can to keep up in schoolwork, and many athletes struggle to stay afloat while others thrive. Waking up on Thursday morning and loading up the trailer to leave to a rodeo and not returning until Sunday morning if you’ve done good, is the life every college rodeo athlete lives. Every year, it seems that once you get used to the the rush and the never-ending list of things to do, suddenly the season is over.

I often find myself asking, “Now what?” a few weeks after the rodeos conclude for the semester. I’ve caught up on my schoolwork, my grades are good, the house is finally clean, and my horses are getting some well-deserved time-off. Though it’s only a few weeks until we go home for Christmas, the “break” from rodeo seems to be never ending… So here’s what I’m doing! I’m spending more time with my little sister who also goes to school here. I’m spending more time playing with my dog when I get home from class. I still ride my horse in the afternoon, but now we are on a less-intense workout plan. I flew home to Canada to see friends and family during the Canadian Finals Rodeo. Now, I’m working on articles for HoundBytes, and finishing up some final projects. I may not be traveling as much, and I may be spending less time playing catch-up on assignments, but I am still just as busy trying to live my life to the fullest. If there’s one thing I do know, it’s that I cannot wait for the spring rodeos to start up because I am ready!


A Day in My Life

My name is Samantha “Sam” Smith, I am from Rimbey, Alberta, Canada, and I am a junior at Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU). People often ask what made me choose to come to Portales, NM of all places for school and to put it quite simply, I am here to college rodeo. When Coach Flinn called in the middle of December my senior year of high school asking if he could convince me to consider coming to Eastern, all I had to do was look at the snow drift outside the front door to make my decision.

Competing in the short-go at the 2015 Frank Phillips College Rodeo.

Competing in the short-go at the 2015 Frank Phillips College Rodeo.

My older sister, Taylor, my best friend, Gina, and both of Gina’s brothers had gone to ENMU before me, so it only felt right that I carry on the tradition… Go Greyhounds! Now that I am in my third year of school, I finally feel as though I have figured out this whole being a college athlete idea (as I write this article at 1am on my three-day break between rodeos… still working on time management, whoops!). With that said, below you’ll find a short description of a day in my life as a college rodeo athlete.

For me, my favorite way to start a great day is to hit the snooze button on my alarm as many times as possible before actually waking up. Is this necessarily the best way I could start my day? Probably not, but I don’t plan on changing that part in my life until I’m a real life grown-up. Once I have finally pulled myself out of bed, I walk outside to feed and water my horses before returning to the house to feed my cute little dog, Charles. Then, I go to class in a ball cap, t-shirt and jeans, get educated and return home. Some days, I will wake up early, put makeup on, do my hair and smile in the mornings for the fun of throwing people off. Once I’ve got the in-class portion of the day completed, it is time to go home and start with the online classes! Because I’m a communications major, I spend a lot of time staring at blank pages trying to remember that cool story idea I forgot to write down six months ago… Fun stuff!

Eventually, I complete my online work for the week, or give in for the day hoping a surge of excellence will come my way before the due date. Once the temperature starts to drop, I head outside to condition and work with my horse, Max. Most days I end up spending several hours outside with him, doing my best to ensure he is in the best physical and mental shape possible before competitions.

By the time I go back inside, my younger sister, Kennedy, has dinner cooked and the daylight is gone. If anyone was wondering, Kennedy is a great chef and more than half-way into the semester has yet to miss a Taco Tuesday. We usually start watching Netflix while we eat dinner and then back to my computer I go! For whatever reason, I always seem to do my best work at night when I should be sleeping.

On rodeo weeks, the trailer has to be stocked with feed for my horse and myself, all of my tack must be packed, the water tank and propane bottles must be full, tires have to be checked, and so many other items on the never-ending list of things todo! Of course, my time to do all of this is squeezed into whatever spare time I have between classes, practice and homework. Though my life is busy, I always make time to spend with friends, often playing a competitive game of “Uno” before bed one day of the week.

My older sister Taylor (left) & I at 2015 ENMU College Daze Rodeo.

My older sister Taylor (left) & I at 2015 ENMU College Daze Rodeo.

In all reality, my life is a little bit chaotic but I wouldn’t have it any other way. ENMU has given me the opportunity to travel 30 hours from home, earn an education, and compete in college rodeos all while making new friends and even adopting a few as family. Without the support of my parents, I wouldn’t be able to do any of the things I do and I give them credit for raising three girls who rodeo as that’s not the easiest feat. Would I ever complain about a day in my life? Not at all, in fact I may be a little biased but I think I am the luckiest girl on Earth.


“Gray”Hound Leading ENMU Women’s Rodeo to Victory.

By: Samantha Smith

Last weekend, Tierra Gray led the ENMU Women’s rodeo team to a victory at the annual Vernon College Rodeo. Gray, a senior from Lovington, won the all-around cowgirl title after placing second in the barrel racing and first in the breakaway roping events.

Tierra and her older sister, TiAda, are known as, “The Gray Girls” throughout New Mexico and Texas for their competitive barrel racing and roping skills. Both girls decided to pursue their education at ENMU after high school, following the footsteps of their mother, Pat, and making a family of “Gray”hounds.

TiAda graduated from ENMU in 2014 after winning first in breakaway roping in the Southwest Region. This year, Tierra is on the right path to do just the same in more than one event!

You can read more about Tierra and her thoughts in an interview below.

How does it feel having your first college rodeo all-around title under your belt?

GRAY: It is actually kind of a breath of fresh air. I have had a rough time at the college rodeos for the past 3 years, so it is very rewarding to see my long hours in the practice pen every week finally paying off.

How do you balance your time between school and rodeo?

GRAY: Balancing time between school and rodeo is much easier said than done. Being an accounting major, the workload is not what I would consider “light” by any means. Time management is something that has to be a priority to any athlete, especially a student athlete. I typically work on homework first thing in the morning, go to class and practice during the day, and then work on more school when I get in at night.

I understand you compete on three horses every weekend. What are their names and what makes each one special?

GRAY: My breakaway roping horse, Booger, age 20, is as lazy as they come, but knows his job well. You’re luck to get Booger to pick his feet up while you’re warming him up because of his laziness. But when it comes time to walk into the box to rope, it’s like a switch flips and he is alert and ready for business.

Gray breakaway roping on Booger at the 2016 ENMU College Daze Rodeo.

Gray breakaway roping on Booger at the 2016 ENMU College Daze Rodeo.

My barrel racing horse, Ching, is 7 and every day with him is like having a little kid. You have to keep him close to another “buddy” horse or he will let out a little squeal and kick his back feet up, which is rather embarrassing to tell the truth.

Ed, the horse I team rope and goat tie off, is 21 and he is a grouch, constantly kicking the fence and wanting to be fed at all times. He gets super excited before the goat tying.

Of all the places you could have gone to, what make you choose ENMU?

GRAY: I chose ENMU not only because it was close to home, but also because of how close everyone is around here. At Eastern you are not just another number unlike many other universities.

After winning your first all-around title at Vernon College Rodeo, how do you plan on continuing your success throughout the remaining fall season?

GRAY: I plan on continuing my success throughout the remaining rodeos this fall by continuing practice and working hard to get better everyday, then letting the rest fall into place.

What is the relationship between teammates on the rodeo team? How do you help each other get better in such an individual sport?

GRAY: I would have to say that we are all pretty close on the rodeo team. We push each other to get better everyday without being afraid of stepping on each others’ toes.

With her work ethic and talent, there is not doubt that Gray will continue to succeed throughout the year. Not only does she have the competitive nature of a true athlete, but she also has a kind heart and always carries a smile on her face. Those lucky enough to call Gray a friend know that she is always willing to lend a hand and would go out of her way to help anyone. In fact, the only complaint anyone had about Gray was that she can be too kind and at sometimes needs to remember to put her foot down.

Here’s hoping that she will continue her winning streak and lead the ENMU rodeo team to more victories in the future! She’s a real “Gray”hound!


Noteworthy Games

Here are a few games around the sports world that you should tune in to this week:

It’s only right to start with MLB, as the chase for the coveted World Series ring continues! Tuesday, October 20th will see the key fourth game of the ALCS. The game will be between the Kansas City Royals and the Toronto Bluejays. The royals outbatted the Bluejays in game one of the series, winning 5-0. The Royals again outdid the Bkuejays by a score of 6-3, giving them a two-game advantage. Monday will see game three of the series, but game four will really give us the answer as to who may be representing the American League in the World Series as Chris Young duels with R.A. Dickey.

October 20th will be a double-header as the New York Mets travel to Wrigley Field for a key game three against the Chicago Cubs. Game one brought us a 4-2 victory for the Mets as Jon Lester and the Cubs couldn’t keep up with the Mets. It’s been a very exciting season for both teams so far; even making it this far is a surprise for the Cubs. Game three will involve a pitching matchup between Jacob deGrom and Kyle Hendricks. Tuesday will also bring us a better view of who will represent the National League in the World Series.

The NFL is finally in the swing of things with a very exciting 50th season, and here are a couple of those upcoming games:

The Seattle Seaharks will travel to the Bay Area for a match against the San Francisco 49ers. These two teams will kick off week seven of the season, and there’s no better way to start than with a divisional rivalry game. Week six saw the Seahawks fall to the Panthers, leaving Seattle at 1-5 for the season. The 49rs snapped a four-game losing streak against the Baltimore Ravens and now sit at 2-4. Thursday should be an exciting night of football!

Another rivalry game will air on Sunday, October 25th, this time between the New York Jets and the New England Patriots. These teams have had plenty of good games against each other in the past, and Sunday should be no different. The Jets now have a record of 4-1 while the Patriots are undefeated in the season (pending results against the Indianapolis Colts). This game is sure to be a hard-hitting match.

Story by Jacob Aranda and Cristian Pacheco


Theatre of the Mind Announces New Production

Eastern New Mexico University is producing, performing, and recording an exciting new radio drama! As part of ENMU’s ongoing Theater of the Mind program, A Budding Connection will be performed for a live studio audience as well as recorded for download. The play is written and directed by student Amethyst Collins and stars an all-student cast.

A Budding Connection is a witty, dynamic romantic comedy examining serendipity and chance in love. The program follows four characters through one long day, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the small details of a big change. Lead characters Janessa (Sara Maynerich) and Aiken (Ben Sanderson) fumble a chance meeting on a bustling city street… and can’t seem to forget each other. With the help of sassy pal Eva (Dale Landry) and flirtatious assistant Devon (Versia Hodges II) their paths intertwine in surprising ways.

Fans of theater and radio won’t want to miss this new twist on the classic tale of boy-meets-girl. The play will be performed live in ENMU’s “black box” at the end of October (date TBA) for a select studio audience. Downloadable audio files will be available November 1st right here on HoundBytes. The cast and crew invite you to follow along on Twitter (@enmuradiodrama) and Instagram (@enmuradiodrama) to watch the magic happen in real time!

ABQ Unidos Poetry Slam Team

Ever heard of Slam Poetry? It’s a performance driven competition with poetry. Poets go up and perform their poetry and get scored by 5 judges from 0-10. This is a growing community throughout New Mexico. One of the central hubs for it though can be found in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The youth team this year features one of your fellow students at ENMU, Amy Waltner. The team is composed of 6 individual poets whose names go as followed: Bianca Sanchez, Seth-Wilson Grey, Claire Wimborne, Sarah Smithson, Victoria Alexander and Amy Waltner. All these poets originated from the metro area of New Mexico and get to go to the International Poetry Competition, Brave New Voices, maybe you’ve seen it on HBO? It gets featured there or you can go onto youtube and find recordings of the poetry that happens at this competition if you’re not sure this is your thing. The team is fundraising to get to Philadelphia for Brave New Voices. The Coaches of this years team are all pervious Brave New Voice poets, they consist of Emily Bjustrom, Mercedez Holtry and Khalid Binsunni.  Here’s a link to the book they are selling! Support your local Greyhound and help her get her team to Brave New Voices. 🙂

You can get your copy of the book from the following link 🙂



Top Row (The Team) Victoria, Bianca, Sarah, Amy, Claire, Seth-Wilson Bottom Row: (The Coaches)  Mercedez, Emily, Khalid