Portales’ Hidden Treasure – La Paz

By: Samantha Smith

Years before I ever came to school at ENMU, I had to listen to my older sister, Taylor, our best friend, Gina, Taylor’s boyfriend/Gina’s brother Tel, and Gina’s oldest brother, Tyrel, rave about the greatest fajita burrito on earth. Growing up in Canada, you acquire a likability for bland foods with little flavor, and suddenly you move to New Mexico where the flavors run wild.

When I decided to join Taylor at ENMU, I hadn’t thought of how different the food options would be. Where I come from, Taco Bell is about as Mexican as food gets, and the only chili we have is snow or made of beef, tomatoes and beans which is unfortunate because if I have discovered one thing in my time here, it is that green chile is life.

The first time my sister took me to La Paz I wasn’t sure what to think as I walked into a building that is a tire shop in one half and a restaurant in the other. Not having the slightest clue what to order, my sister ordered for me what she thought would be the safest option for my taste – green chile chicken enchiladas. Of course, she ordered herself the legendary fajita burrito, a popular choice among so many. Much to my surprise, I was highly impressed with the meal I ate that day, and I have never turned away from an opportunity to eat at La Paz. Not only is the food delicious, but it is also affordable on a college budget.

To sum things up, if you haven’t been to La Paz yet, I highly suggest you make time to take in the excellence. Portales has many hidden treasures; this just happens to be my favorite food-related one!