Review: Vines Italian Restaurant

I recently had the opportunity of dining at Vines Italian Restaurant, located at 107 W. 2nd Street here in Portales. If you have not had the pleasure of attending this elegant eatery, you are in luck! This was my first time and I was pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere is quiet, the tables comfortable and well maintained, and the service is the best I have ever seen in Portales.

Vines is the only restaurant to serve Italian food in Portales, and looks more like an eatery from a romance film than a small-town pasta joint. I was greeted by a host who insisted on cleaning the table before he sat me down. Once seated, I was presented with a menu, and two minutes later a waitress took my order. I only waited five minutes before my chicken curry soup was before me. The chunks of white chicken were savory next to the celery and curry broth. One word: yum!
My main dish was eggplant stuffed with ricotta served in a creamy rosemary sauce. The eggplant was cut into thin slices and wonderful with this dish. The total wait time for both courses was ten minutes. There are not many fine eateries in Portales that can match the professional and friendly service coupled with the short wait at Vines. They make a customer feel like royalty. Their prices are not unreasonable either, and even if you are a poor college student, $20 can make for a fun and affordable night there.

Vines also hosts an open-mic night once a month. It was sold out when I went, so if you plan to attend, I would suggest going early. This event is held upstairs, and will only seat 100 for comfortable enjoyment. I recommend this establishment to anyone looking to take a break from studying and put a little sophistication back into their lives.

Review by Melissa Arguello.