Nicole’s Role Model – Amber Hamilton

By Nicole Jasso


In my life I have a lot of very important people who have shaped me into the woman that I am today. I contribute a lot of it to my mom. Not only did she raise me, feed me, punish me when necessary, but also instilled morals and values that helped me become the person I am.

There has been one other person that I have looked up to and that is Amber Hamilton. I had the opportunity to do my internship with her, and man did I learn a lot! I have known Amber my entire life, and I have seen the struggles that she has had to face throughout her life, and how she has had to persevere through some of the hard times.

Working with Amber these last few months I have learned so much about leading and managing people. Being the County Manager of Roosevelt County is not an easy job by no means, but she has passion for her job that drives her to do and be the very best that she can. I have seen her deal with some of the most awful, hateful, disrespectful people in the county and she dealt with them with such professionalism, and respect. I do not think that I would have been able to hold my tongue like she did. That left such an impression on me.

Amber works so hard all the time. Not only does she manage the county, but she also has to deal with the county jail. Her team at the jail works very hard as well, and it is all because of Ambers leadership style. She motivates and empowers her team to do the very best they can. They work hard, because they also see how hard Amber works for them and that to me speaks volumes of Amber and how she manages her team.

I learned so much from her just by watching her interact with her employees, and the people of the county who came to her with concerns, or suggestions. She trusts that her employees are getting their work done, and respects them in the sense that she doesn’t have to micromanage them.  Amber is one of the hardest working people that I know! Her faith in God helps her get through the hard days, and thanks him on the good days. She is a great mother to three kids, and wife to a very supportive husband. How she manages to balance everything I have no idea. I hope that one day I can be the hard worker, and leader that she is.