Community Member Speaks in Favor of Bond C

Dear Editor:

I am a retired math professor from Eastern New Mexico University, and will vote for Bond C in the November General Election.

As you may know, Bond C would bring over $11 million to ENMU to renovate Golden Library into the Golden Student Success Center. Due to an expiring bond, it would not result in a tax increase.

As a math professor, I can tell you passing the bond makes financial sense. The $11 million it would bring to Roosevelt County in construction activity far exceeds the small amount it would cost taxpayers at an assessment of $8.27 per year for a $100,000 home.

The money spent on construction will recycle several times in the county, creating jobs. Construction workers would eat, shop and be housed in Roosevelt County, and the companies would purchase supplies.

The construction activity also brings gross receipt and lodgers’ tax money into the community.

Of course, this is just the financial aspect. Most of us in Roosevelt County have a connection with ENMU, and are proud of its continuing success in molding students to become contributing members of society.

Although I no longer have college-age kids, I am proud to cast my vote for Bond C in support of and appreciation for the wonderful neighbor ENMU has been to everyone in Roosevelt County.


Vern Witten,

Originally submitted to The Chase. Printed with permission.